Buyer’s Be Aware: Fake Dyed Carnelian Red Moss Agate

One of our customers contacted us asking if we have “Red Moss Agate,” AKA “Carnelian Moss Agate.”

Red Moss Agate usually is not a crystal regularly asked for in a crystal shop as it is a rare stone, so we did a little research. Looking into why our customer asked for this stone, we stumbled upon dozens of sellers trying to sell what they believe is genuine Red Moss Agate.

Red Moss Agate

Real Natural Authentic Genuine Red Moss Agate. via

Red Moss Agate is a family member of the Moss agate family, a variety of Chalcedony, and has a red webbed or sand like hue hence its name Red Moss Agate. Its red color is obtained from the presence of filaments of iron in the stone. Red Moss agate, also known as ‘Carnelian Moss Agate,’ is known to be used as a good luck charm back in the 18th century.

Fake Dyed Carnelian Red Moss Agate

The Red Carnelian Moss Agate currently being sold on the market today is no other than dyed moss agate. If you look closely at this tower and compare the color to the real Red Moss Agate seen above from, you will notice the red is completely different.

Fake Dyed Red Moss Agate via:

How to tell it is Fake Red Moss Agate

  • The red color is closer to a light orange color
  • looks like carnelian, not red moss
  • color is bleeding into the druzy and quartz
  • numerous pocket wholes and cracks throughout

We reached out to one of our long trusted colleagues, and when we asked if the factories producing the items on the market have the raw stone, they blatantly came out and said, “that’s dyed stone,” not real. This information is confirmed by reliable sources close to the manufacturers selling the red moss agate. Always do your research before trusting any seller or dealer.

Stay tuned for our next post: How are they dying stones to make different crystals?

Real Red Moss Agate

Red Moss Agate’s color should be more reddish-brown color, not orange-red. The red coloring in Red moss agate should be more webbed and not a filled color.

How to tell it is REAL Red Moss Agate

  • reddish-brown color
  • reddish-brown webbing or sand like inclusion
  • mostly smooth stone throughout stone surface
  • Buy from trust worthy and reliable seller

Not all sellers know what they are selling and will sell you what they are told by their dealer what the stone is.

As a customer and crystal collector, you must do a bit of research before purchasing any crystal, gem, or mineral. Never take a seller’s word for what they are selling you.

It never hurts to ask questions.

Watch the Video below to see a REAL gorgeous piece of Red Moss Agate.

Video via:

We do not have nor do we plan to have Red Moss Agate in stock at this time, but we do have some beautiful pieces of Natural GREEN moss Agate in-stock.


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